T Cell Localization and Effector Stage Quiz

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Where are naïve T cells initially localized or generated?


During the effector stage, where do effector T cells migrate to?

Peripheral sites of infection

What is the function of effector T cells?

Eliminating infectious microbes and contributing to the immune response against pathogens

As individuals age, what compensates for the reduced output of new, naïve T cells from the thymus?

Gradual accumulation of memory cells

Which of the following tissues has the greatest number of lymphocytes?

Lymph Nodes

What best describes Peyer’s patches?

Mucosal lymphoid tissues

What type of antibody is abundantly produced in mucosal tissues?

Immunoglobulin A (IgA)

What cells make up the follicles in the lymph nodes?

B-lymphocytes (B-cells)

How do naïve B and T cells enter the lymph node?

High endothelial venule (HEV)

How do dendritic cells enter the lymph node?

Afferent lymphatic vessels

What happens to activated T cells in the lymph node?

Exit the nodes, enter the bloodstream, and migrate to peripheral tissues at sites of infection and inflammation

What do Peyer's patches primarily provide protection against?

Invading microbes

Test your knowledge about the localization of naïve T cells and their transition to the effector stage. Understand where naïve T cells are initially generated and how they differentiate into effector T cells during an immune response.

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