Wound Healing and Tissue Repair - Dr. Natia Bolotashvili Introduction

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Which phase of wound healing is characterized by fibroblast activity and production of collagen?

Which vitamin is required by fibroblasts to produce collagen during wound healing?

What is the function of platelets during the inflammatory phase of wound healing?

What term describes the initial wound tissue formed during the proliferative phase?

Which of the following is NOT a common symptom associated with the inflammatory phase of wound healing?

What is the main role of capillary loops in wound healing during the proliferative phase?

What is the main characteristic of the remodelling phase of wound healing?

Which cells are responsible for wound contraction during the remodelling phase?

Which type of wound healing aims to reduce the inflammatory and proliferative responses?

What is the recommended time frame for achieving maximal tensile strength in a wound post-injury?

What pressure level within muscles indicates compartment syndrome?

What is the defining characteristic of pressure sores?


Learn about the mechanism of wound healing and tissue repair as explained by Dr. Natia Bolotashvili. This quiz covers the normal wound healing phases including the inflammatory phase, proliferative phase, and remodelling phase.

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