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ESM Week 4

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[Week 3 Review]: Choose the correct option

VOC: "the application is horrible!" One of the drivers could be: "the user interface is not good."

[Week 3 Review]: Choose the correct options

Relevant infrastructure monitoring data include server utilisation, storage usage, and network traffic

Main CTQ driver for trading?

The traders want to ensure they make good trading decisions with good data.

What CTQs would you derive from the business needs? CTQ!!! not CTQ drivers

A & B

Main element of SLA with the VENDOR?

A & B

Delighters for the SUPPORT team for traders?

A & B

What more could be done by the support team?

All of the above except C

Test your knowledge with this quiz on the topics covered in Week 3. Choose the correct option from the given choices to proceed through the review.

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