Week 1: Globalization and Mercantilism Quiz

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Which country benefited the most from the money made by the colony of North Carolina?

What economic theory did England follow with the 13 colonies?

Why did England pass laws exclusively benefiting the British economy in the context of Mercantilism?

What is the main goal of Mercantilism in terms of trade balance?

In the context of Mercantilism, what is the significance of having more exports than imports?

What was the purpose of the Navigation Acts passed by the English Parliament?

Which of the following goods could not be shipped to foreign nations except through England or Scotland under the Navigation Acts?

Why did England develop a policy of salutary neglect toward the colonies?

What was the effect of the Navigation Acts on colonial trade?

How did the British change their policy of salutary neglect after the French & Indian War?


Test your knowledge of globalization and mercantilism with this quiz. Learn about why countries want colonies and the concept of mercantilism in international trade.

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