Web Programming Architecture Overview

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What is the standard language for web design in terms of front end?

Which component is responsible for the colors and style of font in web design?

What is the tool responsible for building the structure of a web page?

Which component of web application architecture is referred to as the User Interface (UI)?

Which version of HTML is used in the course mentioned in the text?

Which scripting languages are typically supported by Apache web servers?

What is the main purpose of an application server?

Which protocol is used to request dynamic content that returns different results based on the user who made the request?

What does the URL 'http://dept.ju.edu/cs/index.html' indicate?

What type of content does a web server mostly serve?


This quiz covers the foundational concepts of web programming, including the architecture of web applications, HTML tags, and the components of front end, request layer, and back end. The content is based on a lecture by Dr. Fatma Sakr on internet application development.

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