Volcano Features and Introduction to Volcanology

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A ______ on the crust


Lava - Rock or ______ expelled from a volcano


Composite Cone - 'Mixed volcano' have layers of built up lava and volcanic ______


Caldera - Volcano depression but much ______


Dikes are barriers or obstacles in a volcano, while ______ are known as intrusive sheets


Tephra Fall is fragmented material that consists of ______


Lahar is mudflows, a flowing mixture of volcanic debris and ______


PHILVOCS stands for Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, ______ of the government


Match the volcano feature with its description:

Crater = Basinlike depression over a vent Vent = Opening through which an eruption takes place Conduit = Channel or pipe conveying liquid materials Throat = Entrance of volcano

Match the type of volcano with its description:

Active = Can erupt anytime and often Dormant = Hasn't erupted for a long time but could at any time Extinct = Hasn't erupted for a very long time, unlikely to erupt again Shield Volcano = Looks like a round, flat shield on the ground

Match the type of cone with its description:

Cinder Cone = Shaped like a cone with steep sides Composite Cone = 'Mixed volcano' with layers of built up lava and volcanic ash Shield Volcano = Looks like a round, flat shield on the ground Active Cone = Can erupt anytime and often

Match the volcanic phenomenon with its description:

Pyroclastic Flow = Fast moving currents of hot gases and rock Lahar = Mudflows, a flowing mixture of volcanic debris Ash Cloud = Expelled from the atmosphere Volcanic Bombs = Chunks of lava blasted from the air

Explore the key features of volcanoes such as cones, vents, and craters, along with an introduction to the scientific study of volcanoes known as volcanology. Learn about magma chambers, calderas, lava, and dikes in this quiz.

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