Volcano Eruptions Process

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What is a characteristic of a hydrothermal vent?

It results from cold water meeting hot magma.

Which type of magma has a higher viscosity due to its silica content?

Felsic magma

What differentiates a fumarole from a hot spring?

Fumaroles emit volcanic gases and vapors without any accompanying liquids or solids.

What causes water in a geyser to intermittently boil?

Interaction of cold water with hot magma

How does the viscosity of magma change with silica content?

Higher silica content makes magma more viscous.

What is the defining characteristic of a secondary cone?

Builds up around secondary vents.

What is the primary factor affecting the viscosity of magma?

% of silica content in the magma

Learn about the process of volcano eruptions, including the factors that lead to pressure build-up and eventual eruption. This quiz covers aspects such as magma expansion, gas bubble formation, and the external parts of a volcano.

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