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What type of volcanic eruption is associated with high silica content in the magma?

Explosive eruption

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a composite volcano?

Formed by a single eruption

What is the relationship between magma viscosity and the type of volcanic eruption?

High viscosity leads to explosive eruptions

Which of the following is not a method of determining the activity of a volcano?

Measuring the silica content of the magma

What is the name of the type of volcanic eruption associated with Mount Pinatubo?

Plinian eruption

What is the relationship between groundwater and volcanic activity?

Groundwater can trigger volcanic eruptions

How is geothermal energy primarily generated?

By utilizing hot water and steam from deep within the Earth

What is the main cause of the decrease in Earth's average temperature for a few years following huge volcanic eruptions?

Thick layer of volcanic ash blocking sunlight

What leads to the susceptibility of geothermal power plants to earthquakes?

Proximity to volcanic activities

What practice is being implemented hand in hand by different organizations to help minimize the effects of global warming?

Organic farming

What effect does global warming have on sea levels?

Causes polar ice caps to melt

How were constellations originally named and identified?

By resembling people or animals

Test your knowledge about volcanic eruptions and the classification of volcanoes based on their activity levels, historical timeline, and composition. Learn about different types of volcanic eruptions and how volcanoes are categorized as active or inactive.

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