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Which of the following is NOT an element to be analyzed/developed in the Value Proposition Canvas?

Product price

What is the purpose of understanding the customer's values in product design?

To reduce commercial risk

What are the types of tasks that should be analyzed in the Client Task element of the Value Proposition Canvas?

Basic, Functional, and Emotional tasks

Which of the following is NOT a useful tool in the process of selecting target customers according to the text?

Sales pitch

What is the purpose of the problem interview according to the text?

To learn about the customer and their vision of the world

What does TPM stand for according to the text?

Total Potential Market

What is a buyer persona?

A fictional representation of the ideal customer

What is the first step in creating a buyer persona?

Collecting data on audience and current users

What are some characteristics that should be included in a buyer persona?

Name, age, gender, occupation, income, location, education, interests, challenges, time of life

Study Notes

Value Proposition Canvas

  • The Customer Segment element is analyzed to identify the target customers and their characteristics.

Understanding Customer Values

  • Understanding customer values in product design helps to create products that align with customer values, increasing the likelihood of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Client Tasks

  • Functional tasks refer to tasks that involve the execution of specific tasks or activities.
  • Emotional tasks involve how customers want to feel during or after completing a task.
  • Social tasks involve how customers interact with others during or after completing a task.

Selecting Target Customers

  • A SWOT analysis is not a useful tool in selecting target customers.

Problem Interview

  • The purpose of the problem interview is to gather information about the customer's problems, needs, and motivations.


  • TPM stands for Tierce, a software company that helps entrepreneurs and innovators experiment and validate their business ideas.

Buyer Persona

  • A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer based on real data and research.
  • The first step in creating a buyer persona is to gather data and research on the target customers.
  • Characteristics that should be included in a buyer persona are:
    • Demographics (age, occupation, etc.)
    • Goals and challenges
    • Behaviors and patterns
    • Preferred communication channels
    • Shopping habits and purchasing decisions

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