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What is the purpose of the procedure mentioned in the text?

To conduct maintenance on an individual UV Train PDC panel while keeping the rest of the UV Train online

What can be done without disrupting the reactor operation?

Switching the UV Train PDC panels from 'Remote' to 'Local'

How many reactors should be running at a minimum according to the procedure?

At least 5 reactors

When should the standby reactor be put to 'Local'?

When 5 reactors are running

What would be noticeable to the operators on the PCS during this procedure?

Switching the 'HOA' switches from 'Remote' to 'Local'

What is the purpose of waiting 6 to 7 minutes for the 'Standby Reactor' to complete its warm up and enter the 'On Line' mode?

To confirm that the newly started reactor will not fail due to some other problem

What is the significance of switching all running reactors from 'Remote' to 'Local'?

To stop the reactor without disrupting its operation

What action should be taken after all the reactors are confirmed 'On Line'?

Secure the reactor chosen for service by switching from 'Local' to 'Off' at the PDC Panel switch

What does the interlock switch prevent?

Performing work on the actual UV reactor

What should be done after completing service work on the PDC panel?

Restart the reactor by putting the 'HOA' switch to 'Local' and warming up the unit

What happens when a reactor is switched back to 'Remote' mode from 'Local'?

It drops out to 'Standby'

What is the purpose of the 5-minute delay for UV Reactor warm-up in PCS Logic?

To prevent plant shutdown

When can work be performed on the actual UV reactor?

Never, due to the interlock switch

'HOA' switch should be put to which mode when restarting the reactor?


How long should one wait for the 'Standby Reactor' to complete its warm up before confirming it is 'On Line'?

6 to 7 minutes

What action indicates that all reactors are confirmed 'On Line'?

The status of UV Reactor indicates that it is 'On Line' at the PCS panel switch

Test your knowledge of the standard operating procedure for stopping a UV reactor-PDC panel while keeping the rest of the UV train operational. This quiz covers the specific steps and requirements for maintenance purposes.

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