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How does care ethics differ from Confucianism in terms of particularity and general principles?

What role does li serve in Confucianism and how does it relate to ren?

What is the Confucian Golden Rule and how does it compare to the focus of care ethics?

How does Buddhism's ethical approach differ from Western traditions?

What are the four noble truths of Buddhism?

How does Buddhism view duty and obligation compared to deontology?

What are the fundamental human goods according to Buddhism and how do they relate to human flourishing?

What is the connection between Buddhism and utilitarianism?

What is deontology?

Who invented the term 'deontology' and what was its initial definition?

How did CD Broad redefine deontology and what was the effect of his redefinition?

What is the problem with words such as 'fate' in the context of deontology?

What does deontology encompass?

How is deontology often understood?

What are the two understandings of deontology?

Is deontology tied to epistemology or metaphysics?

Who challenges the idea of absolutism in deontology?

What does deontology prioritize?

What is Kant's ethics an analysis of?

What is Nietzsche's critique of utilitarianism linked to?

What does Nietzsche criticize about utilitarianism?

What does Nietzsche's criticism of utilitarians seeking to benefit the herd indicate?

Explain one criticism of utilitarianism mentioned in the text.

What are the four virtues emphasized in Confucian ethics?

How does care ethics differ from Confucian ethics according to the text?

What does utilitarianism evaluate individual behavior and social policy based on?

Why is the theory of utilitarianism criticized according to the text?

What higher values are highlighted as criticisms of utilitarianism?

What does Confucianism emphasize as not the uppermost value, according to the text?

Who defends utilitarianism against criticisms according to the text?

What does Confucian ethics reject in its relationship with care ethics?

What does care ethics focus on according to the text?

What does broad utilitarianism evaluate according to the text?

How does utilitarianism respond to criticism according to the text?


Comparing Utilitarianism and Confucian Ethics

  • An advocate of cultural sensitivity criticizes utilitarian attempts to find a common criterion
  • Utilitarianism is consistent with modern social scientific policy analysis, and advocates pragmatic market socialism
  • Broad utilitarianism avoids specificities and evaluates desirability of individual behavior and social policy based on utility, reason, and intuition
  • Critics of utilitarianism attack specific formulations instead of its general form
  • Utilitarianism responds to criticism by addressing issues of pesticide exposure and foreign aid
  • The theory of utilitarianism is criticized for its inadequate specifications and restricted view of individuals’ utility function
  • Higher values than social welfare, such as equality, are highlighted as criticisms of utilitarianism
  • Utilitarianism is defended against criticisms by Bernard Williams and standard moral rules in dealing with dilemmas
  • The relationship between Confucian and care ethics is rejected, emphasizing that ren (benevolence) is not the uppermost value in Confucianism
  • Confucian ethics emphasizes four virtues: ren (benevolence), li (ritual propriety), yi (righteousness), and zhi (wisdom), with no priority placed on any
  • Care ethics is about the other, not the carer, and can lead to the carer doing the absurd
  • Confucian ethics cannot be reduced to care ethics, as caring is only a part of it and does not pursue universal principles


Test your knowledge of ethical theories by comparing and contrasting Utilitarianism and Confucian Ethics. Explore the criticisms, defenses, and key principles of each theory.

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