United Nations: Role and Functions

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What is one way the United Nations helps countries?

By talking to countries to solve problems peacefully

What does the UN do when there's a big problem like a natural disaster?

They send help to the people who need it most

What does the UN do when they see people being treated unfairly?

They speak up and work to make things better

What is one thing the UN does to take care of the planet?

They encourage countries to use clean energy

What does the UN do for children like you?

They make sure children have access to education, healthcare, and a safe place to live and play

How many things does the UN do to help the world?

Five things

What kind of aid does the UN provide to people in Gaza?

Essential humanitarian aid like food, clean water, and medical assistance

What is one way the UN supports education in Gaza?

By building schools and providing educational materials

What is a key aspect of the UN's protection of civilians in Gaza?

Advocating for the protection of vulnerable groups

What does the UN do to help rebuild Gaza after a conflict?

It assists in the reconstruction and development of infrastructure, homes, and communities

Which UN agency focuses on providing assistance to Palestine refugees in the Near East?


What is a key goal of the UN's humanitarian aid in Gaza?

To ensure people have access to basic necessities like food, clean water, and medical assistance

Study Notes

What the United Nations Does

  • Helps countries solve problems peacefully, promoting dialogue and cooperation to find mutually beneficial solutions
  • Provides aid to people in need, offering food, medicine, and shelter in response to natural disasters, wars, and other crises
  • Protects human rights, advocating for fairness, safety, and well-being for all individuals
  • Works to preserve the environment, encouraging clean energy, reducing pollution, and conserving nature and wildlife
  • Supports children worldwide, ensuring access to education, healthcare, and a safe living environment

United Nations' Role in Gaza

Humanitarian Aid

  • Provides essential aid, including food, water, shelter, and medical assistance, especially during conflicts and crises
  • UN agencies like UNICEF and UNRWA play a key role in delivering this aid

Support for Education and Healthcare

  • Ensures access to education, building schools and providing educational materials
  • Supports healthcare services, ensuring basic medical needs are met

Protection of Civilians

  • Advocates for the protection of civilians, particularly during conflicts, emphasizing the prevention of civilian casualties
  • Focuses on vulnerable groups, including women and children

Reconstruction and Development

  • Assists in rebuilding infrastructure, homes, and communities after conflicts and natural disasters
  • Provides resources to help people in Gaza rebuild their lives and livelihoods

Learn about the United Nations' role in maintaining peace and providing aid to those in need. From resolving conflicts between countries to providing humanitarian assistance, discover the UN's key functions.

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