Understanding the SIX Nutrients and Good Nutrition

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What nutrient is used to make and repair the body’s cells, tissues, and organs?

Which type of fats provide more calories per gram than any other nutrient?

What do carbohydrates break down into to feed our body’s cells?

Which vitamin helps with vision, healthy skin, and cell growth?

Which mineral helps muscles with control?

What is the process in which the body uses the food that you eat?

Which of the following is NOT one of the six basic nutrients for optimal health?

Which nutrient provides nourishment and helps our bodies function?

What impact does poor nutrition choices have on blood levels?

What factors may affect the amount of a particular nutrient a person needs?

Which of the following vitamins can be stored in the body for up to 6 months?

Which vitamin is necessary for calcium absorption and bone growth?

What type of vitamins can dissolve in water and are not stored by the body?

Which nutrient is necessary for healthy skin, vision, and cell growth?

Which vitamin is essential for preventing cellular damage and boosting immune function?

Which of the following vitamins is fat-soluble?

What is the main function of Vitamin B-complex?

Which statement about water-soluble vitamins is correct?

What is the main role of Vitamin D in the body?

Which of the following is NOT a source of Vitamin C?


Test your knowledge about the six essential nutrients and their role in providing nourishment for the body. Explore the concept of good nutrition and how it impacts overall health. Identify important body functions related to specific nutrients.

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