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Who were the earliest thinkers to seriously question myths and attempt to understand reality, including the question of the self?

The Greeks

Which learning outcome is related to the examination of one's self against the different views of self mentioned by philosophers?

Examine one’s self against the different views of self that mention

What is the main focus of the history of philosophy mentioned in the text?

Inquiring into the fundamental nature of reality

Why did the Greeks move away from myths according to the text?

To understand reality and respond to perennial questions

What is the primary substratum that defined the multiplicity of things in the world, according to the text?


What was one of the fundamental questions that preoccupied the earliest thinkers in the history of philosophy according to the text?

The question of the self

What was the primary concern of the Pre-Socratics?

Locating an explanation about the primary substratum

What was Socrates primarily concerned with?

Engaging in systematic questioning about the self

What aspect did Socrates believe every human person was composed of?

Body and soul

According to Plato, what is the key to attaining justice in a human person?

Working harmoniously with the three parts of the soul

What reflects Augustine's view of the human person?

The body is bound to die on earth and the soul is to anticipate living eternally in a realm of spiritual bliss in communion with God

What did Plato add to Socrates's idea about man's dual nature?

Three components of the soul: The rational soul, spirited soul, and appetitive soul

What did Augustine infuse with Plato's ancient view of man?

Doctrine of Christianity

What was Socrates's life-long mission as a philosopher?

Engaging in systematic questioning about the self

What was unique about Socrates's approach compared to Pre-Socratic thinkers?

He engaged in systematic questioning about the self.

What did Plato believe was necessary for justice in a human person?

Working harmoniously with all parts of the soul.

Test your knowledge on the various philosophical perspectives on the self. Explore different views of the self and its significance, as well as compare and contrast how it has been represented in different philosophical schools.

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