Understanding Financial Markets and Money Markets

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What type of market transaction is it when San Miguel Corporation sells a new stock for the first time to the public?

Primary market transaction

Who assists the issuer of a new security in setting the offering price and marketing the securities to the public?


In which market can investors buy and sell securities after they have been issued in the primary market?

Secondary market

What is the purpose of a secondary market transaction in buying shares of a company like San Miguel Corporation?

To buy shares from existing shareholders

Which type of market gives a continuous reflection of the value of securities according to the best available information?

Secondary market

Where can secondary market transactions take place, besides the stock exchange?

Over-the-counter (OTC) market

What is the key difference between the money market and the capital market?

Money market deals with short-term funds, while capital market deals with long-term funds.

In which market are long-term debt securities such as bonds traded?

Capital market

Where are new shares issued and sold to the investing public for the first time?

Primary market

What type of securities are typically traded in the stock market?

Equity securities or stocks

Where does an investor buy and sell stocks, according to the text?

Secondary market

What is the primary function of the money market as described in the text?

Buying and selling short-term debt securities

Learn about financial markets, including the stock market, bond market, forex market, and derivatives market. Explore the concepts of money markets and capital markets, which are essential components of the financial system.

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