Understanding Culture, Society and Politics Unit 6 Quiz: Kinship System

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10 Questions

What is the primary function of the kinship system?

Which term refers to relationships established through rituals like marriage?

What is the basic social institution and primary group in society?

What is the term used to measure biological or blood ties?

What is the term that binds successive generations within the kinship system?

What is the definition of monogamy?

In which type of residence pattern do couples establish independent residences neither from the side of the groom nor bride?

What is the main characteristic of exogamy?

What does the term 'patrilineal' refer to?

What is the responsibility in matrilineal societies in case of the father’s death?


Test your knowledge of kinship systems, which define relationships and ties individuals and groups together based on blood, marriage, or adoption. Explore the meaning and power relations that determine rights, responsibilities, and expectations within kinship systems.

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