Understanding Aggression

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What does Evolutionary psychology propose about aggression?

What is the role of shame in relation to aggression?

What is the impact of aggressive behavior on health?

Which learning theory involves rewards and punishments?

What is the role of genes in aggressive behavior?

What is the role of the prefrontal cortex in relation to aggression?

What is the primary focus of ethics?

According to the text, what is the distinction between ethics and facts?

What does the quote 'The unexamined life is not worth living' highlight?

What kind of decisions do ethics guide?

What are the core values related to ethics?

What is the necessity of ethical thinking in a complex world according to the text?

What are the different ethical thinking approaches discussed in the lecture?

What is emphasized as a way to approach ethical dilemmas from a broader perspective?

What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced as?

What is important in professional activities according to the lecture?

What does the website ethics.org.au provide?

What is important in research ethics according to the lecture?

Which branch of ethics focuses on ethical beliefs and how individuals develop their understanding of right and wrong?

What is a key criticism of Consequentialism?

Which ethical framework focuses on duty and categorical imperatives?

What is a critique of Virtue Ethics?

What does Global citizenship emphasize in ethical decision-making?

What is the key aspect of modern ethical theories such as the ethics of care and non-anthropocentric ethical theories?

What is the definition of aggression according to the text?

Which theory in social psychology is mentioned in the text as an explanation for aggression?

In which psychology discipline is aggression linked to testosterone and serotonin levels?

What is emphasized as necessary for psychology students to understand the whole person?

Which discipline is mentioned as having aggression as a key feature in various personality disorders?

According to the text, what can influence aggression in children?


Understanding Aggression Across Psychology Disciplines

  • Ethical challenges in marketing organization: student asked to gather information from competitor without disclosing affiliation
  • Importance of ethical readiness for students in facing such challenges
  • Psychology students learn topics in silos, integrative thinking necessary to understand whole person
  • Definition of aggression: behavior directed towards another person with intent to cause harm, target motivated to avoid behavior
  • Early research on aggression in animals, Conrad Lorenz's hydraulic hypothesis, catharsis hypothesis disproven
  • Aggression in clinical psychology: key feature in various personality disorders, addiction can lead to aggressive behavior
  • Frustration-aggression hypothesis, social learning theory, deindividuation theory, social identity theory, cognitive neo association theory in social psychology
  • Aggression in developmental psychology: common in children, influenced by parenting styles and peer rejection, can be reduced through social skills training
  • Aggression in biological psychology: linked to testosterone and serotonin levels, influenced by amygdala, prefrontal cortex, genetic factors, hormonal and neural interactions
  • Aggression in cognitive psychology: hostile attribution bias, cognitive distortions, mindfulness-based interventions, rumination, cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Aggression in forensic psychology: associated with criminal behavior, psychopathy, domestic violence, can be reduced through anger management and restorative justice programs
  • Aggression in personality, environmental, health, educational, and industrial-organizational psychology: associated factors, interventions, and methods for reducing aggressive behavior


Explore the multifaceted nature of aggression across various psychology disciplines in this insightful quiz. From ethical challenges in marketing to the role of aggression in clinical, developmental, biological, cognitive, forensic, and other branches of psychology, this quiz delves into the different perspectives and interventions related to aggressive behavior.

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