Ultrasound Scanner in Medical Imaging

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What type of waves does an ultrasound scanner use?

How is sound produced according to the text?

What property of sound determines its pitch?

In sound propagation, what actually travels through the medium?

What is the primary application of ultrasound mentioned in the text?

Why can't ordinary sound waves be used to detect cracks and flaws in metal blocks?

What type of frequencies are associated with infrasound?

How are ultrasonic waves able to travel even in the presence of obstacles?

How does the doctor detect abnormalities like stones in the gall bladder using echocardiography?

How are cracks or holes inside metal blocks detected using ultrasonic waves?

How does a hearing aid help people with hearing loss?

How do ultrasound scanners work to produce images of internal organs?


Learn about how ultrasound scanners use ultrasonic waves to create images of internal organs, helping doctors detect abnormalities such as stones or tumors. Explore the technique of ultrasonic waves traveling through body tissues and getting reflected from regions with different tissue densities.

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