Types of Roots in Plants

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मूळांच्या प्रकार कोणत्या आहेत?

मूळवंशी, उपवंशी, आकाशी

मूळांच्या प्रकार कसे विभागले जातात?

साधारणतः त्यांची स्थाने वगळली जातात.

मूळांच्या प्रकारांची उत्पत्ती कसी होते?

संजीवांच्या उत्पत्तीच्या प्रक्रियेद्वारे होते.

What types of questions should NOT be asked about the origin of root?

Questions about the origin of root should not be asked in the given languages.

Why should the mentioned questions not be asked?

The questions should not be asked because they are in a specific language and are irrelevant to the topic.

What is the significance of avoiding the mentioned questions?

Avoiding these questions ensures that the focus remains on relevant and meaningful topics related to root types.

This quiz covers different types of roots found in plants, how they are classified, and their origins. Test your knowledge about the various categories of roots and enhance your understanding of plant anatomy.

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