Types of Roots in Plants

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What is the root that develops from the radicle of an embryo during seed germination known as?

Primary root

Which type of plants commonly exhibit the tap root system?

Dicotyledonous plants

What do you call a root that develops from any part other than the radicle?

Adventitious root

Which type of root system is also known as a fibrous root system?

Adventitious root system

In which plants does the radicle not last long and equal-sized roots arise from the base of the stem?


What are roots called when they have to perform special functions and develop structural changes?

Metamorphosed roots

Which type of roots develop along internodes and exude a sticky substance to attach to walls without damaging them?

Clinging Roots

What is the specialized microscopic sucking roots developed by parasitic plants to absorb nourishment from the host?

Sucking Roots

Which type of roots are highly inflated and spongy, providing buoyancy to aquatic herbs?

Buoyant Roots

Which plant is mentioned as an example of a total parasite with leafless yellow stems and haustoria that penetrate the vascular strand of the host?

Cuscuta reflexa

Which type of roots are produced by epiphytic plants growing on huge trees in dense rainforests to absorb moisture from the air?

Epiphytic Roots

What is the function of plank roots often seen at the base of large trees?

Anchor the tree and provide support

What type of roots are produced by halophytes to overcome the problem of waterlogged soil?


What is the main characteristic of pneumatophores or respiratory roots?

Develop from stem nodes

Which type of root provides additional support to the plant body?

Nodulose roots

What is the name given to a cluster of roots that arise from one point and become thick and fleshy due to food storage?

Fasciculated tuberous roots

Which plant species exhibit fasciculated tuberous roots?


What feature distinguishes moniliform roots from other types of roots?

Swollen at regular intervals like beads of a necklace

Learn about different types of roots in plants like tap root and adventitious roots. Understand the characteristics and examples of tap root system and adventitious roots.

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