Types of Root Systems in Plants

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Which type of root system is commonly found in monocots like wheat and banana?

Fibrous root system

Where does an adventitious root system typically arise from?

Base of the stem

What is the function of the root cap?

Protect the root tip and secrete mucilage

In which region of the root do cells stop dividing and start increasing in size along the longitudinal axis?

Region of Elongation

Study Notes

Root Systems

  • Monocots like wheat and banana typically have a fibrous root system.

Adventitious Root System

  • Adventitious root systems typically arise from stems or leaves.

Function of the Root Cap

  • The root cap functions as a protective layer for the root tip, protecting it from abrasion and facilitating penetration of the root through the soil.

Root Development

  • Cells in the root stop dividing and start increasing in size along the longitudinal axis in the elongation zone.

Test your knowledge on the three main types of root systems in plants: tap root system, fibrous root system, and adventitious root system. Learn about their characteristics, differences, and examples of plants where they can be found.

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