Types of Necrosis and Fat Necrosis in Tissue Structure

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Which process causes individual digits to form from initially clumped fingers?


What pathological condition could result from a defect in the process that causes fusion of 2 or more fingers together?

Autoimmune disease

Which type of necrosis results from sudden severe ischemia and maintains the general outline of the affected tissue?

Coagulative necrosis

In which instances is liquefactive necrosis characteristically seen?

Brain infarcts and abscesses

Which type of necrosis results in the conversion of the necrotic area into a cyst filled with necrotic cells?

Liquefactive necrosis

What cellular process causes cell shrinkage?


Which type of necrosis results in the loss of fine structural details of the affected tissue and its cells?

Coagulative necrosis

This quiz covers the different types of necrosis, including liquefactive and coagulative necrosis, as well as the specific characteristics of fat necrosis in adipose tissue. Topics include enzymatic fat necrosis of acute pancreatitis and the formation of calcium soaps due to cell death.

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