Types of Interviews and Problems with Unstructured Interviews

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What is a common problem associated with unstructured interviews?

Lack of Job Relatedness

Which type of interview involves the applicant answering a series of written questions?

Written Interview

What is the purpose of 'Disqualifiers are Clarifiers' in a structured interview?

To clarify information in the resume and application letter

Which question type focuses on future scenarios in a structured interview?

Future Focused Questions

What approach is used to create a scoring key for interview answers in structured interviews?

Key-Issues Approach

What is the first step in conducting a structured interview?

Establish rapport

What is a key disadvantage of an unstructured interview?

Lack of consistency in questions asked

Which type of interview involves one interviewer interviewing one applicant?

One-on-One Interview

What distinguishes a return interview from serial interviews?

Time gap between interviews

In a panel interview, what is a defining characteristic of the interview style?

Multiple interviewers evaluating separately

Which type of interview is known for having multiple interviewers and applicants answering questions simultaneously?

Group Interview

What is a common issue with unstructured interviews that structured interviews aim to address?

Consistency in evaluation methods

What is the main characteristic of a structured interview?

All applicants are asked the same questions.

Why are selection tests that predict work-related behavior important?

To reduce legal challenges.

What is a key factor in reducing adverse impact in selection tests?

Administering tests that are job related.

Why is it important for a selection test to have face validity?

To appear job related to reduce legal challenges.

How does the structure of a structured interview differ from an unstructured interview?

Unstructured interviews lack a standardized scoring key.

What should be the source of questions in a structured interview?

Job analysis.

Learn about the differences between video conference interviews and written interviews, as well as the common problems associated with unstructured interviews such as poor intuitive ability and primacy effects. Understand the importance of job relatedness and avoiding negative information bias in interviews.

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