Types of Cartilage and Their Characteristics

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What type of cartilage is the only one resistant to stretching?

Elastic cartilage

Which type of cartilage is the most abundant?

Hyaline cartilage

Where can elastic cartilage be found in the body?

Epiglottis and external ear

What type of fibers does fibrocartilage contain that help it resist strong compression and tension?

Collagen fibers

Which growth process involves growth from outside, where chondroblasts produce new cartilage by secreting matrix?

Appositional growth

What type of fiber is the only one present in the matrix of hyaline cartilage?

Collagen fibers

Which type of cartilage is known for being the most abundant in the body and providing structural support?

Hyaline cartilage

In which zone of the epiphyseal plate do older cartilage cells enlarge?

Hypertrophic zone

What happens in the calcification zone of the epiphyseal plate?

Cartilage matrix becomes calcified and cells begin to die

Which type of cartilage is found in the external ear and the epiglottis?

Elastic cartilage

What characterizes the organization of cartilage cells in the epiphyseal plates of growing bones?

Tall stacks of cartilage cells are formed

Which type of cartilage is found in the external ear and nose?

Elastic cartilage

What is the main component of cartilage that gives it its resilient properties?


In which stage of life does cartilage make up the entire skeleton?


Which type of cartilage is known for its ability to resist expansion and aid in growth/repair?

Hyaline cartilage

The intervertebral discs and pubic symphysis contain which type of cartilage?


What type of cartilage is found in articular discs and meniscus (padlike cartilage in knee joint)?


Learn about the 3 main types of cartilage - Hyaline, Elastic, and Fibrocartilage. Understand the similarities they share in terms of cell types, location of chondrocytes, and composition of the matrix. Explore the unique characteristics and functions of each type of cartilage.

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