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What is the main difference between TV interview programs and drama dialogues?

Who prepares the questions and arranges appointments for the TV interview programs with real people?

What type of interview focuses on specific ideas or angles?

What is the main purpose of an information interview?

What is the role of an interviewer in a TV interview program?

TV interview programs are conducted with imaginary people, not real people.

The script writer and producer of TV interview programs only put questions and do not imagine or write the answers.

Location interviews are a type of TV interview format.

Opinion interview focuses on collecting information about specific issues.

The main purpose of an information interview is to inform the audience with important information about specific issues.

What is the main role of the script writer and producer in TV interview programs?

How does a TV interview program format differ from drama dialogues?

What type of interview concentrates on different sides of a topic in a deeper way?

Which type of interview seeks to collect information about specific issues to inform the audience?

What is the main purpose of conducting location interviews in TV interview programs?


Test your knowledge about TV interview programs, which feature conversations between an interviewer and an interviewee to obtain information. Explore the format, preparation, and execution of TV interview programs.

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