Three Categories of Cyber Security

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What are the three categories of cyber security vulnerabilities mentioned in the text?

Unauthorized access to data, attacks on system resources, attacks on computer networks

Which element of data security aims to prevent unauthorized disclosure of information to third parties?


What does integrity in data security aim to prevent?

Modification of files

Which type of security involves the prevention of access to physical facilities like computer systems?

Physical security

What are the two main types of security mentioned in the text?

Physical and information security

What is the main purpose of deterrence in physical security?

To scare intruders

In physical security, what does the detection mechanism primarily aim to do?

Identify intruders who have gained or are trying to gain access

What is the purpose of electronic access controls like firewalls in information security?

To isolate sensitive portions of an information system

Which of the following is considered a physical security barrier?

Security lighting

What is the primary function of encryption in information security?

To protect communication channels from eavesdropping

Explore the three distinct categories of cyber security issues related to unauthorized data access, attacks on system resources, and attacks on computer networks. Test your knowledge on vulnerabilities in cybertechnology.

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