Therapeutic Management in Gestational Diabetes

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What is the benefit of specific treatment of gestational diabetes during pregnancy?

Decreases the risk of preeclampsia

Why are oral antidiabetic agents (glibenclamide or metformin) not recommended during pregnancy?

They may not be safe for use during pregnancy

What is the advantage of measuring glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1) in pregnant women with gestational diabetes?

It reflects the average blood glucose level over the past 4 to 6 weeks

What is the upper normal level of HbA1 in pregnant women as a percentage of total hemoglobin?


Why might a urine culture be done each trimester for pregnant women with gestational diabetes?

To detect asymptomatic UTIs

What effect does specific treatment of gestational diabetes have on the number of labor inductions?

Decreases the number of labor inductions

What is the primary concern for a woman with diabetes mellitus during pregnancy?

Maintaining a balance between insulin and blood glucose levels

What happens if a woman's insulin production is insufficient?

Body cells are unable to use glucose

At what blood glucose level do the kidneys start excreting glucose in the urine?

150 mg/100ml

Why do infants of women with unregulated diabetes often have birth abnormalities?

High blood sugar levels affecting fetal development

How does the body attempt to increase serum glucose levels in the absence of insulin?

By converting glucose to glycogen stored in the liver

What happens to serum glucose levels when body cells cannot use glucose despite its presence?

They rise (hyperglycemia)

What is the main reason an ophthalmic examination is recommended during pregnancy for women with diabetes?

To detect and prevent retinal changes that can progress during pregnancy

Why might a woman with diabetes need less insulin early in pregnancy?

Because the fetus is using more glucose for rapid cell growth

When do women with gestational diabetes usually start insulin therapy?

If diet alone fails to regulate glucose levels

Why are oral hypoglycemic agents not preferred during pregnancy?

They may harm the fetus by crossing the placenta

How should women administer short-acting insulins before breakfast?

30 minutes before breakfast in a 2:1 ratio

What is the recommended distribution of daily insulin doses for pregnant women?

Two thirds in the morning, one third in the evening

Learn about the specific treatments for gestational diabetes including dietary changes, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, and insulin therapy. Understand how these treatments can reduce perinatal complications, fetal macrosomia, and preeclampsia while managing labor induction and cesarean sections.

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