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What is charismatic authority?

What is charisma according to Max Weber?

What is the tripartite classification of authority according to Max Weber?

How can charisma be studied scientifically according to Max Weber?

What is the nature of charismatic authority?

How does charismatic authority challenge traditional or rational authority?

What is routinization of charismatic authority?

What is charismatic succession?

What are some traits of charismatic leaders?


Max Weber's concept of Charismatic Authority

  • Charismatic authority is a leadership concept that derives from the charisma of the leader, developed by Max Weber.
  • Charisma is something that followers attribute to the leader, which opens it up for sociologists to apply to various contexts.
  • Charismatic authority is one of Max Weber's tripartite classification of authority, which stands in contrast to legal and traditional authority.
  • Charisma is difficult to define scientifically, but it can be studied scientifically if seen as a costly signal using values, symbols, and emotions.
  • Charismatic authority is idiosyncratic in nature, and it depends much more strongly on the perceived legitimacy of the authority than Weber's other forms of authority.
  • Charismatic authority almost always endangers the boundaries set by traditional or rational authority, and it tends to challenge this authority, making it revolutionary.
  • Charismatic authority is often incorporated into society through routinization, which changes the charismatic authority.
  • Charismatic succession is the way in which a society can transfer charismatic authority to another leader by means of succession.
  • The methods of succession include search, revelation, designation by the original leader, designated by qualified staff, hereditary charisma, and office charisma.
  • Charismatic leaders are unpredictable, and they may lack any accountability, require unquestioning obedience, and encourage a dependency upon the movement for material, spiritual, and social resources.
  • Charismatic leaders exhibit traits of narcissism and display an extraordinary amount of energy, accompanied by an inner clarity unhindered by the anxieties and guilt that afflict more ordinary people.
  • Charismatic authority is often found in politics, various authoritarian states, autocracies, dictatorships, and theocracies.


Test your knowledge on Max Weber's concept of Charismatic Authority with this intriguing quiz. Explore the intricacies of charismatic leadership, its different forms, and how it challenges traditional and legal authority. Delve into the methods of succession and traits of charismatic leaders, and discover how this concept is incorporated into society. With this quiz, you'll gain a deeper understanding of one of the most fascinating theories of leadership.

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