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Who were the four key contenders for leadership in Russia in 1923?

Who formed an alliance with Stalin known as the Duumvirate?

Who was considered a true Leninist due to his close relationship with Lenin?

Which of the following individuals did Lenin accuse of being too willing to use violence in his Testament?

Who did Lenin trust with important administrative tasks and support for promotion to the position of General Secretary in 1921?

Which two ideas did Stalin advocate that became the new ideological orthodoxy of the Communist Party by 1928?

Which of the following best describes the change in the nature of the Communist Party between 1923 and 1928?

What was the key to gaining power in the Soviet Union?

Why was replacing Lenin as the leader of the Soviet Union not a matter of winning a post in the government?

What was Stalin's strategy for emerging as the undisputed leader of the Party?

What crime did Stalin accuse Bukharin, Zinoviev, and Kamenev of committing?

What change did Stalin introduce in Party membership to help win the leadership struggle?

What was the impact of the increase in Party membership initiated by Stalin?

How did Stalin weaken Party democracy between 1921 and 1928?


Test your knowledge of Lenin's Testament and the internal power struggle within the Soviet Union. This quiz will cover the critical notes Lenin left behind, including his accusations against Trotsky and other prominent party members. Get ready to dive into this fascinating chapter of Soviet history!

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