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What is Daniel Goleman's profession?

Which of the following books is not written by Daniel Goleman?

What was the subject of Goleman's 1998 book?

Where did Goleman study using a pre-doctoral fellowship from Harvard and a post-doctoral grant from the Social Science Research Council?

What is the name of the organization that Goleman co-founded at Yale University's Child Studies Center?

What is the title of Goleman's most recent bestseller?

What was the subject of Goleman's first book?

Where did Goleman teach a course on the psychology of consciousness during the 1970s?

Who was Daniel Goleman's mother?


Discover how much you know about the bestselling author and science journalist Daniel Goleman with our quiz! Test your knowledge on his life, his work, and his famous book "Emotional Intelligence." See if you can score a perfect 10 and impress your friends with your expertise on this fascinating author.

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