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What is the naming system used by biologists to provide scientific names to known organisms?

Binomial nomenclature

Why are biological names generally in Latin and written in italics?

For uniformity and standardization

In the scientific name Mangifera indica, what does 'Mangifera' represent?


How are the two components of a biological name typically indicated when handwritten?

Italicized or underlined separately

What is the capitalization rule for the first word denoting the genus in a biological name?

Starts with a capital letter

Why is Binomial nomenclature found convenient for naming organisms?

It provides a standardized way of naming

What is Ernst Mayr widely known as?

The Darwin of the 20th century

In what year did Ernst Mayr join Harvard University?


Which field did Ernst Mayr NOT contribute to during his career?


What concept did Ernst Mayr pioneer in defining?

The biological species concept

Which prestigious awards did Ernst Mayr receive during his lifetime?

The Balzan Prize, International Prize for Biology, and Crafoord Prize

In what year did Ernst Mayr pass away?


What is the term used to describe the groups of organisms sharing common features and given a rank or category?


Why are insects considered to be taxonomic categories?

Because they have three pairs of jointed legs

What represents the lowest category in the taxonomic hierarchy for all known organisms?


How are taxonomic categories and hierarchy related?

Categories form the basis of hierarchy

What do taxonomic groups represent?

Biological entities

Which term is used to refer to the evolutionary relationships between organisms considered in systematics?


Which category in the taxonomic hierarchy includes a group of related genera with fewer similarities compared to genus and species?


In the family Solanaceae, which of the following genera is NOT included?


Which of the following statements is true about the genus Panthera?

It includes lion, leopard, and tiger.

What characteristic distinguishes families in the taxonomic hierarchy?

Reproductive features of plant species

If you observe features of a cat and a dog, which taxonomic category would they belong to respectively?

Cat - Felidae, Dog - Canidae

Which higher taxonomic category is an assemblage of families with fewer similar characters compared to different genera in a family?


Why are plant families like Convolvulaceae and Solanaceae included in the order Polymoniales?

Mainly based on the floral characters

Which category includes related orders like Primata and Carnivora?


What common feature contributes to the inclusion of animals in phylum Chordata?

Possessing notochord and dorsal hollow neural system

Why are classes with similar characters assigned to a higher category called Division in plants?

With respect to a few similar characters

Which is the highest category where all animals from various phyla are assigned?


What differentiates Kingdom Plantae from Kingdom Animalia?

Composition of organisms

Test your knowledge on systematics and taxonomic categories, and understand how classification is a hierarchical process. Explore the relationships between organisms and the different ranks/categories within the taxonomic hierarchy.

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