Biology: Taxonomic Categories

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What is the primary purpose of taxonomy in biology?

To identify and classify organisms

What is the system of nomenclature used to assign scientific names to organisms?

Binomial system

What do taxonomic categories represent?

Ranks in the classification hierarchy

Why are living organisms classified?

To understand their diversity and relationships

What is the correct scientific name of Mango?

Mangifera indica

What is a taxon?

A category in the classification hierarchy

What do we learn from the identification of individuals and populations?

Their diversity and relationships

Why do classification systems change over time?

Due to new discoveries of organisms

What is the purpose of assigning a scientific name to an organism?

To distinguish it from other organisms

What is the hierarchical structure of taxonomic categories referred to as?

Taxonomic hierarchy

Learn about taxonomic categories and hierarchy in biology. Understand the ranks and classification process in systematics.

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