Support for Continental Drift Theory: Rock Types & Ancient Climate

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What should you do if you are driving a vehicle during a heavy ashfall?

Pull to the side of the road and stop.

What is the immediate action to take when notified during a volcanic eruption?

Evacuate to safer grounds immediately.

What precaution should be taken with water containers and food during a volcanic eruption?

Cover them to avoid contamination with ash.

To prevent your house from collapsing due to accumulated ash on roof tops, what action should be taken?

Scrape off the accumulated ash as soon as the ashfall tapers.

What should be done with pets during a volcanic eruption to protect them?

Keep them indoors or in their shelter to prevent inhaling ash.

Why is it important not to attempt leaving an evacuation center unless instructed?

To avoid overcrowding and maintain order.

What is recommended when cleaning after a volcanic eruption to protect yourself?

Wear masks while cleaning.

Why should utensils be thoroughly washed before eating during a volcanic eruption?

To avoid getting sick from ash contamination.

What action should be taken with windows and doors during a volcanic eruption if you are inside a house?

Close all windows and doors of the house.

What is the advice regarding staying away from rivers and streams during a volcanic eruption?

Stay away from rivers and streams for possible lahar flow.

Explore the evidences supporting the Continental Drift Theory including the matching rock types and structures in different mountain belts and the discovery of ancient climate patterns across continents. Learn how these findings contributed to the acceptance of the theory despite initial skepticism.

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