Stone Age Divisions

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Who coined the term Palaeolithic?

John Lubbock

Which age is distinguished by the development of the first stone tools made of Quartzite?

Palaeolithic Age

Which tool types are dominant in the Middle Palaeolithic Age?

Blades, points, and borers

In which sub-division of the Palaeolithic Age are mainly hand-axes, cleavers, choppers, and chopping tools found?

Lower Palaeolithic Age

Where are some Lower Palaeolithic Age sites located?

Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh

Which age is characterized by burins, scrappers, flint industry, and the appearance of modern man?

Upper Palaeolithic Age

Which site in the Neolithic Age was the oldest in the Indian sub-continent?

Mehrgarh, Baluchistan

What are the four major characteristics traits representing the Neolithic culture?

Practice of agriculture, domestication of animals, use of polished stone tools, manufacture of pottery

Which valley in Uttar Pradesh showed exploitation of goats, sheep, and cattle during the Upper Palaeolithic Age?

Belan Valley

Which age is characterized by microliths or small pointed and sharp stone tools?

Mesolithic Age

Learn about the three divisions of the Stone Age: Palaeolithic Age, Mesolithic Age, and Neolithic Age. Understand the characteristics, developments, and tools associated with each division.

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