Steps of Health Assessment: Subjective and Objective Data

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What is the primary focus of the Nursing Process?

Problem solving and decision making

Which step of the Nursing Process involves determining outcome criteria and developing a plan?


What is the main characteristic of the Nursing Process according to the text?

Cyclic and Dynamic

What types of data are collected during a holistic data collection by nurses?

Physiological, psychologic, sociocultural, developmental, spiritual

Which healthcare professional focuses primarily on the client's musculoskeletal system?

Physical Therapist

What is the purpose of the Evaluation step in the Nursing Process?

"Was the plan met/effective" or "does it need revision?"

What are the four physical examination techniques used to obtain objective data?

Inspection, Palpation, Percussion, Auscultation

Why is validation of assessment data important?

To ensure accurate assessment data

What is the purpose of documenting assessment data?

To form the database for the nursing process

What is the main focus of the nursing interview?

Gathering holistic information on the client

During which phase do nurses review the client's medical record?

Preintroductory Phase

What are the physical characteristics that can be observed during a health assessment?

Skin Color and Posture

When does the 'Ongoing' assessment typically take place?

After a nurse encounters the client

What is the purpose of the 'Emergency' assessment?

To determine the client's life-sustaining physical function status

When should the 'Focused' assessment be conducted?

After a client comes in with a special concern

Where is the 'Collection of objective data' typically gathered?

Hospital, clinic, school, or home setting

What type of data is collected during the 'Preparing for the Assessment' phase?

Verbalized and verified by the patient

What is included in subjective data according to the text?

Client's personal information and beliefs

What information should be included in the Biographical Data of a client?

Name, address, phone number, gender

Why is the Family Health History considered important?

To identify health problems that may have affected the client due to family exposure

What should an assessment of the Review of Systems for Current Health Problems focus on?

Client's subjective information

What does the Lifestyle and Health Practices Profile include?

Substance Use information

Which aspect is covered in the Nutrition and Weight Management section of the assessment?

Average 24-hour intake recall

Why does the assessment of Sleep and Rest matter?

To assess if the client is getting enough sleep and rest

What is the purpose of silence periods during a client interview?

To reflect and organize thoughts for accurate reporting

Which type of question is best suited to elicit a client's feelings and perceptions?

Open-ended questions

What is the benefit of using rephrasing during a client interview?

To reflect on and clarify information provided by the client

Which technique involves providing the client with a list of words to choose from?

Laundry List

How can verbal communication be described in a client interview?

Essential for effective communication in a client interview

Which action encourages the client to continue sharing information during the interview?

'Uh-huh', 'yes', or 'I agree' phrases

Learn about the steps involved in a health assessment including gathering subjective data like biographical information and health history, as well as objective data obtained through physical examination techniques like inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation.

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