Spinal Cord Injury: Critical Care Course Jan 2022

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What is the primary function of the spinal cord?

Transmits sensory input from the body to the brain

What is the neurological level of injury defined as?

The lowest level at which sensory and motor functions are normal

What is the sequence of spinal cord injury dependent on?

The type of injury and the neurological level of injury

What is the primary cause of secondary injury in spinal cord injury?


What is the function of the cervical plexus?

Diaphragm movement

What is the consequence of a T1 spinal injury?


What is the main impact of an L4 spinal injury?


What is indicated by a C5 spinal injury?

Partial diaphragmatic paralysis

What should be suspected in case of a lumbar spinal injury?

Abdominal injury

What does a complete transection above C3-5 result in?

Breathing difficulties necessitating ventilatory support

Which structure serves as a shock absorber between vertebrae?

Intervertebral Discs

What is the major weight-bearing component of the vertebrae?


Which vertebral ligament provides major stability of the spinal column and resists hyperextension?

Anterior Longitudinal

What is the function of the spinal canal?

Opening in the vertebrae that the spinal cord passes through

Which component of the vertebrae connects the vertebral body to the spinous and transverse processes?


Where are the vertebral ligaments located that prevent hyperflexion of the spine?

Posterior Longitudinal

What is the bilateral projection from the vertebrae that serves as a muscle attachment and articulation location with ribs?

Transverse Process

What makes up the foramen of the vertebrae?

What is a significant source of morbidity and mortality related to spine and spinal cord injuries?

All of the above

What group has the highest frequency of spinal cord injuries?

15-20 year-olds

Test your knowledge on identifying spine components, understanding pathophysiology of SCI, initial management of spinal cord injured patient, and effects of SCI on the body.

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