Specializations in Criminology: Bezuidenhout and Little (2011)

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What is the main focus of Criminal Law?

Defining and punishing criminal behavior

What is the main focus of Crime theories?

Explaining the causes of criminal behavior

What is the primary focus of Victimology?

Exploring the study of victims of crimes

What is the main focus of criminal and deviant behavior systems?

Examining the patterns of criminal behavior

What is the primary purpose of criminologists?

Studying and analyzing crime phenomena using scientific approaches

During which phase did scholars first distinguish crime from sin?

Phase 1 (Classical criminology)

What distinguishes Modern criminology as described in the text?

It became independent from traditional disciplines

Which field of study may be applied in the study of the causes of crime according to the text?


What is the focus of Sociological Criminology?

Studying crime focused on the group of people and society as a whole

What does Psychological Criminology primarily focus on?

Studying crime at the individual level

What is the focus of Psychiatric Criminology according to the text?

Studying the relationship between mental disorders and criminal behavior

What is considered the external consequence or harm in the context of criminology?

Physical injury

What is Mens rea in the context of criminology?

The mental element of criminal liability

What does Nature of criminology primarily encompass according to the text?

Social Science

What characterizes Phase 3 (Independent criminology) according to the text?

Multi-disciplinary approach

Explore the fields of specialization in criminology as outlined by Bezuidenhout and Little (2011), including criminal law, crime theories, victimology, and criminal and deviant behavior systems. Test your knowledge on the different branches of study within criminology.

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