Socioeconomic Status and Health Education Theories

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What is theory?

A systematic view of events or situations

In the context of health behavior theory, what is an intrapersonal theory?

The theory that focuses on personal factors and self-perception

What role does theory play in health promotion practice?

Theory helps in explaining and predicting health behaviors

How is deductive reasoning defined in the context of theory?

Deriving conclusions from general principles

What distinguishes interpersonal theories from intrapersonal theories?

Interpersonal theories focus on societal factors, while intrapersonal theories focus on personal factors

What is the primary purpose of a theory in the context of health behavior?

To guide health promotion practice by explaining and predicting behaviors

What is NOT an example of intrapersonal factors?


What level in the ecological perspective includes family members, friends, and health professionals?


In the context of societal level/public policy, what do local, state, and federal policies regulate or support?

Health actions and practices

What does the concept of reciprocal causation suggest about individual behavior and the environment?

Both individual behavior and the environment influence each other.

Why does the text emphasize using multi-dimensional approaches to promote healthy behaviors?

To address the complexity of health issues comprehensively

Which theoretical model suggests that knowledge alone is not sufficient to produce most behavior changes?

Health Belief Model

What is a key influence on behavior according to the text, alongside perceptions and motivations?

Social environment

Why do people engage in health compromising ways according to the text?

May not be educated on the seriousness of their health

Which level in the ecological perspective provides direct services for individuals and sets standards for members?

Institutional level

What is a common misconception that the text warns against regarding health education and promotion?

Addressing issues with just one theory or model

What is the main focus of the social ecological model in health education and promotion?

Multiple levels of factors influencing behavior

What is the relevance of Social Economic status (SE) to health?

Higher SE status means better access to healthcare

What is reciprocal causation as described in the text?

The concept that behaviors are influenced by multiple factors acting simultaneously

At which level does the Social Ecological Model start when addressing health behavior?

Intrapersonal level

What do the assumptions in the text suggest about health behaviors?

Variables at multiple levels need to be addressed to understand and change health behaviors

How does Social Economic Status (SE) influence health according to the text?

Higher SE leads to better access to healthcare facilities and resources

What is the core principle associated with Social Ecological Models?

Influences interact across multiple levels

How are complex back and forth interactions defined in the context of human development according to Bronfenbrenner?

'Action-reaction' dynamics within one's immediate environment

What is the primary focus at the individual/intrapersonal level in health promotion?

Focusing on individual characteristics influencing behavior

Why is it essential to address variables at multiple levels in understanding health behaviors?

To fully grasp the interconnected influences on health behaviors

What is the primary goal of health promotion?

Improve and maintain health

In the context of health-related behavior, what does sick-role behavior involve?

Consulting a healthcare professional for symptoms of illness

What is the main focus of primary prevention in health-related actions?

Prevent contracting an illness or disease

Which category of health-related behaviors involves actions intended to confer protection from harm?

Preventative health behaviors

What defines a target behavior?

Health compromising behaviors to stop engaging in

What are the major components of a theory as stated in the text?

Constructs and variables

Which theory describes the reasons why a health problem exists?

Explanatory Theory

What aspect of the individual does the Health Belief Model focus on?

Attitudes and beliefs

What is the essence of Health-Related Behavior according to the text?

Personality characteristics related to health

Which of the following is NOT one of the original four constructs in the Health Belief Model?

Perceived knowledge

In public health, why is it imperative to clearly identify a target population?

To determine which health behaviors to target

What does Perceived Susceptibility refer to in the Health Belief Model?

One's subjective perception of the risk of contracting a health condition

Which construct in the Health Belief Model deals with the tangible and psychological costs of taking a specific health action?

Perceived barriers

How does Perceived Susceptibility affect an individual's behavior according to the Health Belief Model?

By increasing belief in their risk of contracting a health condition

Which aspect of the Health Belief Model focuses on confidence in one's ability to take action?


According to the Health Belief Model, what influences a person's willingness to engage in healthy behavior?

'Positive expectancy' feedback loops

What is the significance of Cues to Action in the Health Belief Model?

Activating readiness for action through strategies

Which of these is NOT part of the original four constructs in the Health Belief Model?

Perceived vulnerability

What is the primary focus of the Health Belief Model?

Attitudes and beliefs impacting health behaviors

Explore the relationship between socioeconomic status and health education theories, and how various factors like culture, beliefs, and access to healthcare influence behavior. Learn about the evolving social context and the need for multiple theories to address health issues effectively.

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