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What is the planning fallacy?

Underestimating the time it will take to complete a task

What is the basis of self-esteem according to the text?

Fundamental human need to maintain or enhance self-esteem

What are the consequences of high, but contingent self-esteem according to the text?

Associated with aggression, bullying, and narcissism

How does culture impact the basis of self-esteem according to the text?

It affects self-evaluations by making them more relational in interdependent selves

What is the term for the tendency to exaggerate, after learning an outcome, one’s ability to have foreseen it?

Hindsight bias

How are our social intuitions described in the text?

Powerful and perilous

What does social neuroscience emphasize about human behavior?

It is a result of both nature and nurture

What does experimental research in social psychology emphasize the ability to control?

Variables, setting, timing, etc.

What is the Principle of aggregation?

The effects of an attitude on behavior become more apparent when we look at a person’s aggregate (average) behavior rather than isolated acts

What does the Theory of planned behavior suggest?

Attitudes toward specific behaviors are the best predictors of behavioral intentions

When will attitudes predict behavior?

When social influences are minimal

What do we measure when people may not honestly report their explicit attitude?

Implicit attitudes

Prepare for your midterm with this study guide on social thinking, social influences, and the construction of social reality. Explore the impact of social intuitions and influences on our behaviors and surroundings.

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