Social Psychology Quiz: Ross and Samuel’s Influence

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Which branch of psychology investigates the potential role of genetic factors in human behavior?

What is the focus of social psychology in terms of predicting human behavior?

In the Wall Street Game V.Community Game study, what were the two games specifically called?

What does social neuroscience aim to explore?

Which psychological event is also considered a biological event?

What are the principles of contemporary social psychology emphasizing?

What do psychological processes shared by most people make them susceptible to?

What does reliability yield in social psychology?

What is the key focus of personality psychology?

What are the core components of the scientific method in social psychology?

What type of validity refers to the extent to which a measure assesses all aspects of the construct it is supposed to measure?

Which method of data collection involves examining accumulated documents or archives of a culture?

In which type of observation method does the observer interact with the people being observed?

What is the technique where a researcher cues the behaviors of interest and observes participants' responses in a laboratory?

What type of research involves a representative sample of people being asked questions about their thoughts, feelings, and behavior?

What tendency refers to the exaggeration of one’s ability to have foreseen an outcome after learning about it?

What do we call an integrated set of principles that explain and predict observed events?

In experimental research, what gives confidence to the researcher that any later difference would be caused by the treatment manipulation?

Which principle states that values influence research topics, analysis of data, forming concepts, and labeling?

What type of social psychology principle emphasizes that our susceptibility to intuitions can be costly?


Test your knowledge of social psychology with a quiz covering topics such as social thinking, social influence, social relations, and more. Explore concepts like culture and biology, persuasion, group dynamics, helping behavior, aggression, attraction, intimacy, and prejudice.

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