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What does the term 'it' refer to in the first sentence of the text?


How do children, adolescents, and adults emulate the characteristics and behaviors of people they appreciate and admire?


What basis is used for Jose and Manuel to organize or join groups?

Physical Proximity

How does establishing dialogue with others benefit a person?

Whenever a person speaks he or she expresses a personal interiority and communicates this part of himself or herself into another person

During which period is characterized by the use of machines as means of production?

Industrial Societies

Which type of society features a large-scale and long term cultivation of crops and domestication of animals?

Agrarian Society

What does it mean for public officials when it is said that 'man's self is defined better by his peers in the public sphere'?

That they should listen to comments and suggestions for their improvement

What does it refer to when it is mentioned as the 'separation of the soul and the body'?


Which of the following is not part of the nature of self-determination?

It is impulsive and erratic.

What is the primary essence of freedom?


Among the three kinds of good mentioned, which one is pursued for its own sake?

noble good

Which of the following does NOT show responsible use of freedom?

Test your knowledge of social psychology with this quiz. Answer questions about individual activities, social environments, goal achievement, emulation, and group organization.

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