Social Identity Theory: Tajfel and Turner (1979)

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What role does communication play in socialization?

Communication is essential for forming social relationships.

At what age does the text mention the child entering the Game Stage?

Around eight or nine years old

What concept did Mead describe as an organized community or social group that influences an individual's sense of self?

Generalized other

According to Charles Horton Cooley's Looking-Glass Self, how is the self developed?

As a result of one's perception of other people's opinions

How does positive feedback from parents or teachers influence a child's self-perception according to the text?

It boosts the child's confidence and self-perception.

Explore the stages of social identity theory as proposed by Tajfel and Turner in 1979. Learn about in-group and out-group dynamics, and how group members tend to enhance their self-image by finding negative aspects of the out-group. Dive into the mental processes involved in social identity theory.

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