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What is the largest sesamoid bone?

What is the trochlea?

What attaches the pelvis to the axial skeleton?

What is the function of muscles?

What is the main extensor muscle of the stifle joint?

What muscles flex the elbow joint?

What are some distinguishing characteristics of the gross anatomy of muscles?

What is the terminology used to describe muscle movement?

What characteristics of a muscle can be used in its name and help identify it?

Which of the following bones is NOT part of the pelvic limb?

What are the three bones that come together to form the ball and socket hip joint?

What is the primary function of the obturator foramen?

Which bone forms part of the hip joint and fits deeply into the acetabulum of the pelvis?

What are the two sesamoid bones located in the proximal gastrocnemius muscle tendon called?

Which bone is the main weight-bearing bone of the lower leg?

What is the function of the fibula in the lower leg?

What are the two rows of short bones in the tarsus called?

How many digits do metatarsal and phalanges bones of the pelvic limb usually have?

What is the process at the proximal end of the ulna called?


Test your knowledge of the skeletal system and muscle anatomy in this quiz! Learn about the bones of the pelvic limb, the gross anatomy of muscles, and how they are named. Identify muscles of the head, neck, and abdomen.

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