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What type of mill consists of a high-speed rotor with hammers or blow bars?

Impact Crusher

Which type of crusher uses a fixed jaw and a moving jaw to crush materials?

Jaw Crusher

Which size reduction equipment is commonly used in the cement and mineral processing industries?

Roller Press

In which mill does a heavy, cylindrical roller crush materials between the roller and a stationary base?

Edge Runner Mill

What type of force is mainly used in a roller press for size reduction?


Which equipment is known for crushing materials by squeezing between two counterrotating rolls?

Vertical Roller Mill

What is another term used for size reduction?


Which mechanism of size reduction is produced when a particle is compressed between the edges of two hard surfaces moving tangentially?


In size reduction, which process involves particle disintegration by two rigid forces?


What type of equipment uses balls or pebbles as grinding media in size reduction processes?

Ball Mill

Which term describes particle concussion by a single rigid force in the mechanism of size reduction?


What is the process of particles scraping against one another or against a rigid surface called in size reduction?


What type of crushing machine consists of two counter-rotating cylinders or rolls mounted on a horizontal shaft?

Roll Crusher

Which type of mill compresses particulate material between two rotating cylindrical rolls?

Vertical Roller Mill

What is the main principle used by an impact crusher to crush materials?

Fast impact

In which industry are rolling compression mills commonly used?


What is the rotor speed range for a colloid mill used for reducing particle size of a solid-liquid suspension?

2000 to 18,000 rpm

Which type of equipment is used for creating colloidal dispersion through mechanical shearing and milling?

Colloid Mill

Test your knowledge on size reduction equipments such as impact crushers and jaw crushers used in the construction, mining, and recycling industries. Learn about how these machines break down materials into smaller pieces.

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