Sensors and Software Selection for ThingWorx Applications

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What should you consider when deciding on the technologies to connect to ThingWorx?

The Experience stage

What should you do if the devices do not have sensors that report the required data?

Retrieve the data from an Internet weather service

Where do most applications typically get sensor data from to connect to the ThingWorx Platform?

Programmable logic controller

If adding custom connectivity software using a ThingWorx SDK is not possible, what should you consider next?

Building a gateway device

What is a possible solution if a device cannot report sensor data and adding software is not an option?

Build a gateway device

Why is it recommended to get sensor data from an existing system rather than building a new connectivity mechanism?

To save time and resources

Study Notes

Sensors and Software Overview

  • Hundreds of technologies can be used to connect to ThingWorx, and the choice of technology depends on the application's data needs and device connections.


  • Devices may have sensors that report necessary data, and if not, alternative sources like internet weather services can be used.
  • Common sensors in devices include temperature and setpoint sensors.
  • Ambient temperature data can be retrieved from internet weather services if no sensor is available.
  • Users set high and low-temperature alert levels, eliminating the need for a sensor.


  • Software is required to connect sensors to the ThingWorx Platform.
  • If a device already reports sensor data to a system, it's easier to retrieve data from that system rather than building a new connectivity mechanism.
  • Most applications get data from programmable logic controllers.
  • If device processing power is sufficient, custom connectivity software can be added using a ThingWorx software development kit (SDK).
  • A gateway device may be necessary if the sensor is not connected and custom software cannot be added to the device.

Learn about selecting sensors and software for ThingWorx applications based on the data required and devices connected. Understand the importance of sensors in retrieving necessary data and explore alternative ways to obtain data if sensors are not available.

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