Sensors and Sensing Circuits in Microcontroller Systems

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What is a position sensor used for?

Measuring the distance between a reference point and the target's current location

Which type of sensor detects the movement of an object in a straight line?

Linear sensor

What is the potentiometer commonly used for?

Measuring linear movement

How does a potentiometer work?

It uses a wiper contact linked to a mechanical shaft to measure position

What is the output signal of a potentiometer's movement?

Proportional relationship between wiper position and resistance value

What type of movement does a potentiometer track?

Linear movement

What is the function of a transducer?

It converts one form of energy into another

Which sensor is used for measuring temperature based on its resistance?

Resistive Temperature Detector (RTD)

What type of sensor is a potentiometer?

Position sensor

What is the main function of an actuator?

Converts electrical signals into physical events

Which sensor uses the physical principle of converting light into electrical signals?

Photovoltaic cells

How are sensors categorized based on the nature of the quantity that is measured?

Not categorized in this way

Test your knowledge on sensors and sensing circuits in microcontroller systems with this quiz based on Chapter One of Dr. Mustafa Rashid's book on Instrumentation Engineering. Explore position sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors, and more.

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