Semmelweis and Puerperal Fever

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During the period from 1884 to 1960, what theory gained acceptance in veterinary medicine?

Microbial theory

What was the main focus of veterinarians during the period of 1762 to 1884?

Controlling animal plagues

In what year was the British State Veterinary Service established?


What was the most common preventive strategy during the early period of veterinary medicine?


What event led to an emphasis on farm hygiene, slaughter, and treatment as control techniques?

Introduction of rinderpest from Asia

What characterized the period from the first century AD until 1762 in veterinary medicine?

Focus on equine medicine and surgery

Where was the first veterinary school established?


What was one of the common animal plagues during the period from 1762 to 1884?

Cattle plagues

What problem led to the establishment of the British State Veterinary Service in 1865?

Rinderpest outbreak

What coincided with the crisis of animal plagues during the period from 1884 to 1960?

Introduction of Koch's postulates and microbial theory

Learn about Semmelweis's practice and its impact on reducing mortality rates from puerperal fever. Discover how Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister furthered the understanding of germ theory and hygienic practices in medicine.

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