Semiconductor Properties and Charge Carriers in Si Material

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At absolute zero temperature, what is the conductivity of the semiconductor?


What are the vacancies created in the valence band when bonds break due to temperature increase known as?

Holes (o)

What is the process of adding trivalent or pentavalent impurities into an intrinsic or extrinsic semiconductor called?


What is the term used for a semiconductor doped with a trivalent impurity resulting in a surplus of 'holes'?

P-type semiconductor

What is the term for the semiconductor doped with a pentavalent impurity resulting in excess electrons?

H-type semiconductor

This quiz covers the properties of semiconductors with added impurities, specifically focusing on a T - S - C made of Si material. It explains the behavior of Si atoms at different temperatures, the formation of holes as charge carriers, and the significance of vacancies in the valence band.

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