Self-Concept and Identity in Cyberspace

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Which of the following domains of the self is characterized by characteristics that a person would like to possess?

Ideal self

In the context of online anonymity, what opportunity does it provide individuals with?

To express any of the three selves proposed by Higgins (1987)

According to Suler (2002), what does the term 'true selves' refer to?

Hidden aspects of what an individual needs or wishes to be

How does online interaction differ from face-to-face interaction based on Ellison et al. (2006)?

Online interaction allows for more genuine expression of self

Why might identity empowerment potentially occur in the online environment based on the text?

Through the chance to present anti-normative selves online

What distinguishes Facebook identities from those in a fully anonymous online world?

Facebook identities have real consequences on individuals' lives.

How are 'hoped-for possible selves' different from 'ideal selves' according to Higgins (1987)?

'Hoped-for possible selves' are socially pleasing while 'ideal selves' are unrealistic.

How do 'gating characteristics' impact the materialization of 'hoped-for possible selves'?

Gating characteristics can include physical attributes like gender and social status.

In what type of environment do people tend to express their 'hoped-for possible selves'?

Identifiable online world like Facebook

What is the main difference between 'real/true selves - offline selves' and 'virtual selves - online selves' as challenged in 2008?

'Virtual selves - online selves' do not have real consequences like 'real/true selves - offline selves'.

Explore the concept of identity development and self-concept in the online world, including the complexities of expressing multiple versions of the self. Learn about Higgins' three domains of self-exploration: 'actual self', 'ideal self' and 'ought self'.

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