Formation of the Self by George Herbert Mead

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According to George Herbert Mead, which aspect of the self is described as the subjective and impulsive part present from birth?

The 'I'

What is the objective component of the self, as per George Herbert Mead's concepts in self development?

The 'me'

Which of the following is NOT one of Mead's Four Stages of Development in self development?


What do rites of passage refer to in the context of the text?

Transition ceremonies between different stages of life

What do the distinct phases of life through which people pass refer to?

Life course

What term is used to describe the image of the generalized other applied to oneself in terms of cultural standards?


What is the consequence of social isolation in childhood according to the text?

Neural structures responsible for emotional and intellectual development wither and die.

What is defined as socialization in the text?

The process by which people learn to function in social life and become aware of themselves as they interact with others.

Who conducted the Harlow experiments related to social isolation in monkeys?

Public domain

What happens if children do not have exposure to caring and loving humans during the first few months of life?

Their neural structures responsible for emotional and intellectual development wither and die.

Who is mentioned as a case study of social isolation in humans in the text?


What is the main focus of the text regarding socialization?

Understanding how people learn to function in social life and become self-aware through interactions with others.

What was Philippe Aries' argument in his book 'Centuries of Childhood'?

Children were fully integrated into the adult world

What aspect of Philippe Aries' work has been controversial since the late 1980s/early 1990s?

The extent to which children were excluded from the adult world

In what way has the social construction of life course stages been illustrated?

By the invention of tweens

What is the age range typically associated with tweens?

8-12 years old

How have tween girls influenced family purchases according to the text?

They have significant influence on family purchases

What has been a point of contention regarding children's integration into the adult world based on archaeological and historical evidence?

The exclusion of children from the adult world

What did Charles Horton Cooley introduce?

The looking-glass self theory

Which theorist proposed the idea that social interaction is essential for the emergence of the self?

Sigmund Freud

What is one of the outcomes mentioned for Romanian adoptees who spent less than 6 months in an institution compared to UK controls?

Similar levels of inattention

What did the UK controls in the text represent?

Children who had not experienced any isolation or deprivation

Why did Sigmund Freud argue that the self emerges through social interaction?

To imagine how one appears to others and judge their evaluations

What is a key aspect mentioned about the looking-glass self theory introduced by Charles Horton Cooley?

It involves imagining how others perceive oneself based on gestures and reactions

Learn about the concepts proposed by George Herbert Mead in self development, including the subjective 'I' and the objective 'me'. Dive into the formation of self-concept and feelings about one's identity.

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